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freshtastic73's Journal

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Destroy and rebuild. I started my first livejournal back in September 2000, which had 751 entries. Due to unfortunate circumstances, I destroyed it, and started this one, "The Life & Times of "Fresh", Continued........."

I am a 32 year old male living in Plano, Texas. I moved out here in November 2003, and I am currently working in law enforcement. I talk about my daily events in my journal, my thoughts, opinions, and just random ponders on all the little aspects of life. I'll talk about my interests, like sports, players, bowling, my friends, pro wrestling, fantasy sports and collecting sportscards, etc...And I love to post pictures, because I love to take pics with my digital camera.

All of my posts are "friends only", because I don't want certain people in my real life reading my personal thoughts/opinions. This is my space. I'm not here to entertain.....

"Life is what happens when you are making other plans." -John Lennon

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