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Monday, January 20th, 2014
7:30 pm
Checking to see how this works....(01-20-2014)

I'm just checking to see how this all works. Attached is a pic of my kid, Mike Dyson.

If you don't know about my kid, you obviously aren't my FB pal.
Saturday, December 21st, 2013
8:06 pm
Hey everyone! I hope this LJ post reaches you well.

If anyone would like to be friends on "FB", please leave a comment here, and we will catch up!

*fist bump*

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007
4:12 pm
Weekend Freshtivities (and other random stuff) Go Barry!
Time just seems to be flying by lately. Although this past weekend was relaxing, it just seemed to go by so fast. On Friday night I watched WWE Smackdown. On Saturday we had a nice breakfast, then did some shopping at Target. We had spaghetti with Italian sausage for dinner, with garlic bread and chenin blanc wine. Saturday night we watched "Rumor Has It.." on DVD while sippin' wine, then watched some more TV. On Sunday we had Taco Bell for lunch and watched two baseball games on TV. Like I said, it was a nice, relaxing weekend.

In other news, Barry Bonds is still sitting on #746. He's been in a slump, but that's okay. He'll work his way out of it, and we'll be seeing a new Home Run King in no time. I still rock my Bonds jerseys and shirts on the weekends to support my homeboy, and still defend his legacy every Wednesday night at the card shop. Although I don't agree with Bonds' decision on not giving any of his artifacts to the Hall Of Fame, I do think he'll change his mind by the time he breaks the record.

If there's any baseball player that everyone should despise, it's Roger Clemens. I mean, if all of these "purist" baseball fans who love baseball for what it truly is, then Clemens should stand out far more than Barry Bonds. How can anyone justify him as being any type of "team player", leader or role model when he purposely only plays half the season? He literally "rents" himself out to the highest bidder for two years in a row now, with so many stipulations about being on a contending team and pitching when he wants. There's no "team player" mentality for a guy who decides he wants to pitch in the middle of June. Almost half the season is already played, buddy.

Sure, I'm bummed out that my Pistons were eliminated by the Cavs, but I think this NBA Finals will be a good one. There's tons of hype and spotlight on LeBron, and since the media is out to making the Spurs look like the "bad boys" of the NBA, this championship series will see plenty of air time on ESPN SportsCenter. I think the Spurs will win in six, and Tim Duncan will shut up his critics once again.

I'm about 2/3 through the "Hardcore Diaries" book by WWE wrestler Mick Foley. His other two books were more interesting and with more detail, but this one still doesn't disappoint. Foley's writing has a way of capturing you, making you feel like he's talking to you, sitting right next to you.

Well, I'm out like the trash on a Thursday.

Current Mood: moody
Monday, October 21st, 2002
7:52 pm
The Legend of Billiam.........
You know, I am proud to say that I am officially billiam'sbilliam very first fan and LJ "friend". I was the first outsider/stranger to be on the legendary Billiam's LJ friends list. But I am even more proud to say that I'm friends with Billiam's soul and creator, Joe , aka thewalkingman. Yes, that's right, Billiam is not real. No, really, it's true.........

Anyways, Billiam first approached me a long ass time ago, making a random comment in my journal, about how I look so much like Tupac Shakur (my LJ icon.) Right away I knew this guy either had to be a complete idiot, or a creative genius. After reading his journal for a bit, I knew that whoever was behind this Billiam character was a very creative, imaginative, and intelligent dood. So, "billiam" caught me once on AIM, and we started talking. After I gained his trust and confidence, I met the man behind the mask, Joe. Joe is a great guy. I have yet to meet him in person, but we talk on the phone to each other (he lives in friggin' Canada) quite often and catch up on whats going on in each others' lives. Our friendship evolved from just talking about Billiam and LJ to actual real-life stuff that "friends" talk about. Joe is a great guy, with a big heart, and tons of writing talent. I hope that he gets a break. He has a wonderful wife, and they seem to make each other very happy. I know if Joe and I lived closer, we'd hang out and be good friends, just like the same I feel about my Boston buddy offy.

Anyways, Joe has always kept his journal and Billiam's totally seperate. He never cared if people found out who he was, he doesn't keep it a secret anymore. Billiam is here on LJ to entertain, and that he does, to 600+ LJ users. I have helped Joe a few times with ideas and storylines for his billiam character, and even created a character of my own, gave my character an LJ, and Joe and I created the legendary "feud", where, in the end, my character "killed" Billiam. Joe even got Billiam black & white press, a full 5 page article in Yahoo magazine, and my character was even in there too, with a picture of both of us! (Another little accomplishment that I'm proud of, thanks to Joe.)

Today, Joe made history, and posted himself in Billiams' journal. He walked on billiam's stage of 600+ fans as himself, and announced this:


I want to help Joe. He is a great guy. I wouldn't do this if I didn't care. I called him up tonight and pitched him a few ideas, and hopefully I helped him out. There are a lot of people who look at Billiam and think the whole thing is just stupid, but Joe has really molded billiam into an LJ legend. He is an "imaginary icon", if you will. Billiam has a history, a whole life of his own, his own website and store,.........Joe took it from nothing and turned it into this. Everybody has heard of Billiam.

If Joe decides to run with my idea, then I'm all in to help him out. I'm not asking you guys to, I'm just writing my thoughts in my journal. Take it how you want to.

In other news, I won't be around again until Wednesday, so, cheer on Barry with me! Get that ring, Barry Bonds!

Current Mood: thoughtful
Saturday, August 10th, 2002
2:56 pm
Barry Bonds hit #600 on Friday.

This brings a tear to my eye...........

I wasn't around all day Fri or today, so I couldn't post it until now.

I'm so friggin' happy..............

Welcome to the 600 Club, Barry.

Hank Aaron 755
Babe Ruth 714
Willie Mays 660
Barry Bonds....600 (and counting)


Current Mood: ecstatic
Monday, August 5th, 2002
7:49 pm
Ted Williams, Jack Buck, Darryl Kile, and now Chick Hearn.

I am, and will always be a Laker-Hater, but living in So. Cali for 15 years, I know how much he meant to the Lakers. He WAS a Laker, and should get a jersey hung from the rafters.

I always made fun of him, as a joke, the way he mispronounced names, and called players by the wrong names completely...........but it was all in fun. Truth be told, when you think of Chick Hearn, you think Lakers. You think NBA. He was a legend, and a well respected man here in Cali.

See ya when we get there, Chicky-baby............

Current Mood: numb
Thursday, August 1st, 2002
2:41 pm
Oh, smack!
This dood at work had these little mini-bobbleheads on his desk. I asked him where he got them, and he told me, Post Cereals are giving them away in their cereal boxes! Dope!

I gotta get a Barry Bonds one. 2, or 3. One for my shrine, one for my desk, one for my desk at work, one for my car.....

Anyways, my best pal Dan's favorite player is Jeff Bagwell, so I bought this dood's Bagwell boblehead off of him for $2. I'll sell it to Dan for $4..........ha!

Just kiddin Dan........I'll give it to you on Saturday.

Current Mood: thirsty
Wednesday, July 31st, 2002
3:28 pm
ok, I need to learnt he slang all the cool kids are saying...
Ok, I'm seeing more and more peeps on LJ use some terms that, I have never seen before in my life!

Ok, don't laugh at me. I don't chat, and I know very little "online/internet lingo".......

What does "huzzah!" mean? Is it a good thing?

And what is "roXor" supposed to mean? Is that, "rocks"?

*does the Homer Simpson shrug* (confused)

And people have the nerve to pick on me when I mess around and type in ebonics........

Y'all gettin' it twisted. Get your mind right, and keep your game on lock........

I'm out like the trash on a Thursday.........
2:01 pm
baseball thoughts.......
I wish Barry would come back soon........Sportscenter highlights just aren't the same.......

Kenny Lofton went to SF. I think that's great. I was always a Lofton fan. I dig stolen bases.

Cliff Floyd goes to Boston. I wonder what Offy thinks of that. That's one hell of an outfield, with Manny and all......

Ray Durham goes to the A's. Ray is my favorite 2nd baseman. With Eric Chavez and Tejada, that's a great infield.

Scott Rolen goes to the Cardinals. I wonder what "thedeadone" has to say about that. I'm happy. He wasn't happy in Philly.

FYI: Scott Rolen, Cliff Floyd, and Kenny Lofton are all on my fantasy teams. Cowinkydink? I don't think so.......

Current Mood: contemplative
Monday, July 29th, 2002
3:37 pm
Quick history: My parents got divorced when I was 3. My dad moved out to Calif when I was 6, and I stayed to live with my Mom in PA. My Mom re-married when I was 9, and had a kid when I was 10. I moved out to Calif to live with my dad (I was a naughty kid) when I was 11.

ok, now to the point. I have a half-brother who lives back in PA, who is now 16, and I hardly know him. Seriously. I haven't been out to visit since 1996, and we were never close in the first place. We never talk. Never. I don't even really like him. He's disrespectful to my mom and grandma, and is a dork. I honestly don't really consider him my brother.

Anyways, on Friday I get an email, from my brother Brian. Out of nowhere. Weird. He wants me to join his fantasy football league on Yahoo. I said I would, and the draft is tonight.

He called me "bro." I should punch him in the face.

I'll probably chat with him tonight during the online draft.

I guess I'll ask, "How's mom?"

Then I'll punch him in the face.........

Current Mood: annoyed
Sunday, July 28th, 2002
11:21 pm
Brian & I's ebay account is now up to 715 positives, 0 neutrals or negs. 531 from unique users.

Brian bus a lot of stuf.........he just bought a PSA9 Finest Refractor Kobe Bryant rookie for $228. It books for like 6 or $800 I think...........

He has the money to spend, seriously. *rolls eyes*

Current Mood: uncomfortable
Saturday, July 27th, 2002
5:10 pm
spinnin' phat jams...........
5 cd's that are getting a lot of rotation by me in the past week:

1. E-40, "The Ballitician"
2. Smilez & SouthStar "Crash the Party"
3. Mr. Deeds Soundtrack
4. N.O.R.E. "God's Favorite"
5 Nelly "Nellyville"

Others I still bump a lot the ast few weeks:

Eminem "The Eminem Show"
Creed "Weathered"
Jay-Z "The Blueprint II" (A comp that Mike made me of unreleased tracks)
Five For Fighting "America Town"

I'm just waiting for Paul to get here..............

Current Mood: bored
Thursday, July 25th, 2002
10:05 pm
Back in the day........
Many don't realize this, but I think about the past a lot. No, I don't dwell on it. I learned the hard way that you have to move forward, and accept some change. But I really miss the old days with my friends, when we were really tight, really close. I don't have a lot of pictures (hardly any) back in our tightest era 1991-1997. And from 1997-2000, we spent limited time together, with me in a relationship, Paul working shitty hours at Knotts, Dan establishing his Time Warner career, and Dave with 4 years in the Air Force.

I just miss the closeness, how we leaned on each other, through good times and bad. It's a sad thought to know that it will never be the same again..........

Here are some captures of some good times.....
little clips from the recent past.........good timesCollapse )

Current Mood: sad
9:38 pm
Pet the Pigs.......
Yeah, so, not much new with me. Work is the same, I'm doing my best to try to win this trip/contest at my work. 2 employees from every department win a trip to go on a 4-day cruise to Ensenada, Calif. I've never been to Ensenada, never been on a cruise, and I would love to be able to give this gift to LeAnn. She deserves it. The contest ends on July 31, and is based on an 8-point scale, including crap like Attendance, Punctuality, work ethic, quantity, quality, etc..........I'm in the running.

My fantasy football league with my buds is not going according to plan. We have a keeper league, and there are 5 of us, and we need to get together to turn in our keepers, and set a date to draft. Kevin is the commish, and he still needs to get Gabe and Aaron to commit to a date. I'm the defending champ, and I can't wait to win back-to-back titles.............as a matter of fact, my team name is "Thug Life *Dynasty*". My other team name is, "Thug Life *G.O.A.T.*" In case you didn't know, GOAT stands for "Greatest Of All Time"...........yeah, you can tell I'm the cocky one of the bunch. But I back up every word.........*holds up 2001 League Title trophy*

Friday night me, LeAnn, and her 2 friends M&M are going to the Orange County Fair. It comes once a year, your basic huge traveling fair with tons of food, games, rides, a petting zoo, entertainment etc. LeAnn can't wait for the petting zoo. You know how much she loves animals..........

We are going on the night "Weird" Al Yankovich (or however its spelled) is performing. I think it may be offy's turn to be jealous of me. I think he likes Al. hey Mike, it doesn't compare to Aerosmith/Kid Rock/Run DMC, but at least it's.............ok, it's not much.

S anyways, that's what we're doing tomorrow night. Saturday I'll probably go and check out dangarion's new apartment, help him out with anything, and maybe hang out with him at night, if he's not busy. If he is, I'll probably roll with Paul somewhere, or just go hang at Brian's.

I forgot to mention last week I went to the doctor's to see what they can do about my sleeping disorder. I told them the truth.........my body and eyes are tired, but my mind doesn't shut off. It's not stress or depression, I just hink of stupid stuff, and can'r get comfortable to fall asleep. They gave me Ambien. So far it works pretty good, but it doesn't work in 1/2 like it says. It takes me about 1-1 1/2 hours. I need to get really relaxed.

Barry Bonds is still out with a bad hammy (hamstring), but he'll be back this weekend. It really sucks that they're going to strike. I love basbeall. Really I do.

I played a little GTA3 tonight. It's just not the same playing alone. I need human interaction when it comes to video games. I need to trash talk, to crack jokes. Games are just boring when I play them alone..........

ooooh, my bedroom is nice and cold.......I have one of those small A/C's that are built into the window, and I close all the doors in the bedroom every night and let it run for an hour.........then when i go to bed I turn it off and let the fan run at night.........nice and cool...........cuz I'm cool like that.

WWE Smackdown isn't that good tonight. Good to see Rey Mysterio back, that man always amazed me. Brock is getting pushed like crazy, and so is Edge. I'm digging WWE right now...........

The last 1/2 hour is on, I'm gonna watch my boy Y2J in action..........."I'm the king of the World!"

Not me, Y2J.........

Current Mood: tired
Wednesday, July 17th, 2002
10:49 pm
Ok, I'll tell you about the people I killed, but SSHHH!
Ok, LeAnn just left. She came over, we got dinner at Quizzno's, and watched Big Brother 3.

But BEFORE she came over..........I hooked up my new PS2 and popped in Grand Theft Auto 3.

Now, you all know I rarely play games. The only time I have fun playing video games is if they are sports, and I'm playing against a human (preferably Dan, cuz I spank him royally!). I just can't get into 99% of games, especially by myself. I need interaction, room for trash talking..........

Any ways, I played GTA 3 for about 20 min.........I read the manual while I was on the can, and I was ready to go. In 20 min, I car jacked 8 cars, including a taxi, a police car, and a fire engine, which I drove into the lake. I also beat up about 7 random people on the street, and took their money, and shot a few cops (and a business woman running for cover.) I flipped a mini-van, and totaled a sweet Hummer.

Is there a point to this game? Is there something I should shoot for? Maybe I should look that up..............but I was loving it! It was so damn funny seeing my dood stop a taxi, and throw the Indian turban wearing dood out! Hey, I'm not racist, I just said it was funny.............

I can't friggin' wait for Madden 2003...........

FYI: Dan and I are 10 games into our Madden 2002 season, and my quarterback has passed for 5,400 yards and 68 td's..........my running back has 0 carries, 0 yards. I never run. And Dan knows it beforehand. And yet, Dan STILL can't beat me!

The "G.O.A.T." has spoken.............heh.

Current Mood: cocky
6:09 pm
Game on!
Yahoo Fantasy Football is up! Yes! Let the anticipation begin!

offy, if you and your boys need one more for this upcoming football season, I'd be honored to take one more shot at your fantasy football crown.........I love to trash talk, and you know I'm dedicated.

As for the TWC Fantasy Football League, I have that one locked down. That is dangarion's company league, (and I'm not part of the company.) I may not be a Time Warner employee, but Dan made the mistake of letting me join the league as an "outsider" back in 1998. Well, I have been to the championship game 3 straight seasons, and I am the 2000 and 2001 defending League Champs. That''s right, I am the 2-time (count em') 2-time defending champs. Back-to-back dynasty, right here. I have nothing more to prove in that league. I backed up every cocky trash-talk word I said, for 2 years straight. They hated me, but they hated me winning even more. I'm going to retire as 2-time undefeated champ, and step down and let some second-rate football fan have the big prize. I have nothing more to prove. I've done it all...........twice. I'm just a nice guy like that.

I am the "G.O.A.T."...........the "Greatest Of All Time".

Current Mood: satisfied
Tuesday, July 16th, 2002
11:15 pm
Last note of the Night.........
Barry Bonds update: Barry hit home run #28 of the season tonight, and that was #595 of his career. 5 more and we're looking at only the 4th player in baseball history in the 600 career home run club..............

I'm proud of you, Barry.............*sniff*

Current Mood: excited
11:08 pm
Nah, I'll never get caught..........
For some reason I love going 120mph on the freeway, listening to Creed. I know, I'm weird. This is the second time I have done this, coming home from LeAnn's house. I dunno, it's just a great feeling, and during the drive I never think about getting caught. But when I get home, I do.

I know it's stupid. I'm not gonna do it again. But I figure, I bought a 2001 Mustang for a reason, and I have to have some fun with it. Even if it's illegal fun.

Fresh fact #2: The fastest I've even driven was 155mph (yes it's true) in my ex gf's parents 1995 Infinity Q45. A big 8cylinder luxury car, and the speedometer went up to 170. I got it up to 155, at 1am, coming home from Balboa Island. Stupid, yes. I was just a young 20 year old kid, driving a $40,000 car that wasn't mine.........

If that's not "thuggish", I don't know what is.


Current Mood: disappointed
Monday, July 15th, 2002
5:46 pm
Weekend Freshtivities.............
Friday Night: Dave, Dan and I all met up at Dave's, then we went to see the movie "The Bourne Identity". I heard from numerous peeps at work and friends that this movie was great. Well, it was really good. A lot better than I expected. I didn't think of Matt Damon as "action hero" material, but he did really well. And he had a good supporting cast. The storyline and plot was real simplistic, but I still give it 7.5 "40 ouncers".

Saturday: I washed my car, vacuumed, did dishes, and lounged around. Josh called me at 5pm and told me to come over. So, we got dinner at Taco Bell, and headed out to see "MIB2". We got our tickets 40 minutes early, when Josh's buddy called and said a bunch of peeps were meeting up at some sports/kareoke bar called Mr. B's. Well, we decided to go. I only met these peoples' a few times, but they are pretty cool. I had a few Smirnoff Ice's, and no, I didn't sing. Fresh don't sing. Unlike others, I can admit that I suck.............

Sunday rolled around and LeAnn and I went to Disneyland and California Adventure. Had some snow cones, looked in the shops, rode Indiana Jones, Jungle Cruise, Pirates, and Soarin' over California. Oh, the world famous "Beach Boys" were performing at California Adventure this weekend too, so yes, it was packed on that side. But the Disneyland side was pretty cool. Man, they are coming out with tons of new pins, and they dedicated a shop in New Orleans Square to all "Nightmare Before Christmas" merchandise. That's money right there...........

Tonight I'm just gonna be chillin' like a villian, and Paul may come over to watch WWE RAW tonight.

A lot of other stuff happened this weekend, but I ain't getting into it now. I've had some revelations, I did some soul-searching,..........I just did a lot of thinking.

Yeah, sometimes I'm deep like that.

Current Mood: blah
Thursday, July 11th, 2002
10:27 pm
Rock & Busta.........
Tonight P-Funk came over and we just chilled and watched Smackdown. He really is a good hearted friend. We talked a lot about his problems with his GF. I feel honored that he asks and appreciates/respects my advice. I talked to him about my relationship. It's good to have a friend that will make time for you, listen and actually give a fuck about what's going on in my life..........

My thoughts on the All-Star game. Barry should have had 2 home runs, but one is still good. Mad props to Torri Hunter who climbed the wall and snagged Barry's blast. As for the tie...........I don't want to get into it. Fact is, there should be a winner, the fans want to see it, and there should be an MVP, because every player would love to have it. It's just history. At the same time, all players should get game time, even though it can just be a pinch runner, defensive move, whatever. But then again, how important IS the all star game to the fans??? Yeah, it's cool, but how many of these complaining fans can tell us who won the last 5 all-star games, the scores, the MVPs, and any significant moments? It's just one of those things that can go both ways. It's unfortunate that things happened that way.

I don't know what I'm gonna do tomorrow night. I called Dave, and we "might" hang out. Paul is busy, and Dan is too good for me. Maybe Josh and a flick is the ticket to "Friday Night Fun"...........I could also hang with Chia and Brian. They always bug me about not hanging out enough..........

I just got done burning all 3 of Eminem's cd's for my pal Roberto at work. I feel bad about taking money away from Slim Shady.............no I don't. He's almost up to 5 million copies this year.............

Hey, if I should feel sorry for Em, everyone should feel sorry for the baseball players. They claim that they're getting robbed, and by striking, they are paving the road smoother for the kids in Little League, our future.........

Fuck them.........if they strike, I'm done. I'll watch and play fantasy baseball, but I ain't going to another game. I love games live, but they fucking disgust me. It hasn't been a "sport" for years...............

Current Mood: disappointed
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